Tennis Tennis Tactical Analysis

Tennis Point Tactical Analysis – 1

Advanced Tennis Tactical Analysis

In this video we will be breaking down a tennis point from a technical and tactical analysis point of view. We will be tracking, with the help of advanced biomechanical tracking software, elements such as distance covered on the court, key court coverage frames, acceleration and deceleration to and from the shot, ball trajectory and ball height in regards to the net. 

There are several important factors that contribute to match performance of a tennis player, including: Physical, Psychological, Technical and Tactical (management of skills or decision-making), respectively. Our 3 minute point analysis series will try to cover all of these aspects in time. We know how important tennis technique is in the modern game of tennis and in the player development process so we wanted to create a video that will allow players, parents, tennis coaches and tennis specific conditioning coaches to really understand the movement on the court and see the physical, technical and tactical demands of a tennis point. 

The tactical analysis of the point you will hopefully help you understand better court positioning, recovery, transition from defence to offence, attacking the short ball and finishing points from the mid court area. How much distance does a tennis player cover on average in a tennis point? In this video we analyze an 8 strokes rally and both players in this case covered around 24 meters each. 

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