how to get started with our video analysis

Few Simple Steps
for Your Tennis Analysis

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Film Your Shots

We will provide you with the best practices and what angle to shoot your videos from (position on court, distance, for how long) in order for our coaches to be able to analyze your strokes and have a complete picture of your game.

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Upload Your Content

We will provide you with all the information necessary to upload and share even your large video files with us so that it can be uploaded into our biomechanical software analysis software.

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Analysis Delivery

Depending on how many shots are being analyzed, the coaches will deliver a video and printable report with a suggested action plan that can be shared with your coaching team.

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Build Your technical foundation with a clear long term plan

Just a few reasons why technical
analysis is so important

What are key positions in your tennis technique?

When setting goals, sometimes it is much easier if we use the “chunking technique” which consists of breaking down the goal into smaller bite size chunks that can be easier to achieve for the player. 

We use the same philosophy when breaking down the technical analysis of a stroke. For example we divide the forehand into different phases:

  • starting position 
  • preparation phase (backswing)
  • loading phase 
  • forwardswing 
  • impact position 
  • extention 
  • follow through
  • finishing position 
  • shot recovery 

Based on these key frames we identify strenghts and weaknesses making it easier for the player to try to isolate and to focus on one correction at a time. 

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What Stroke Flexibility?

The game of tennis is being played at a faster and faster pace. Players are becoming fitter and are able to perform shots with the a high level of quality and precision even from situations that not too long ago were considered impossible. For all of those reasons players have to be able to adapt their technique to different pressure situations. The technical stability will allow the player to adjust tactically and still try to execute their shots with intensity, quality and intent. 

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What is the LTAD Guideline?

Each stage of the player’s development career will be characterized by a different stage in their technical, physical, mental and tactical growth. Our coaches are all aware what each step of the process needs to have in order to ensure that the player is on target to achieving their high performance goals. We will be always advising in regards to what needs to be paid more attention to and what are the general goals of each stage. 

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What are Key Positions in Your Technique?

If you watch any professional tennis player you will see that they all have their own individual technique and that they all somehow look different. 

If we look at their technique from a slow motion point of view and with the use of high speed cameras we can realize that they all have many similar aspects at key stages in their swing. This allows us to make better comparisons and to use certain players as “models” and for reference. When we use “model players” we always try to keep in mind the physical structure and the future development of a player (we can’t really compare a player that is 180cm tall to someone that is 165cm or 205cm) as well as grips used as the mechanics of a stroke completely changes from grip to grip. 

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How is technique related to injuries?

We execute on average anywhere between 150 and 400 strokes per hour when we train and compete. It is easy to understand that if there are flaws in your technique, the repetition can lead to injuries, muscles compensating and creating muscle imbalances. A clean, efficient technique can allow you to focus on what matters in your game and not having to deal with endless hours of down time recovery and physiotherapy. 

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